What does the 2025 field technician look like?


In the last 10 to 15 years, there has been an explosion of technological innovations devoted to the productivity of technicians. Bartos said there was a big focus on the revenue aspect of the field service teams. “[Technicians] are valuable technical experts on all field staff. The technicians we work with frequently solve major problems on major machines doing major things for large companies, ”he said.

Keeping these valuable technicians in a business makes it essential to keep innovating the tools they need to do more when resources are increasingly scarce. Many companies in the field service industry struggle to find the skilled technicians they need.

To get to 2025, you have to see what is happening right now in 2021. Bartos said analyzing data on the machines themselves is more common with advanced computing, and that will increase over the next few years. years. While these technologies aren’t new – they’ve been available since the early 2000s – Bartos believes we’re at a point in 2021 where companies can capitalize on this data.

What about upcoming technologies that companies may be experimenting with, but which are by no means common in 2021? Augmented reality is one of those technologies that Pandl and Bartos have recognized as a possibility, but both agreed that customers are not quite ready for it. However, peer-to-peer empowerment structures are one method Bartos sees growing stronger over the next few years. And, over the next four years, Bartos said the IoT will become much more actionable and be more closely tied to the entire service and logistics process.

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