Glasgow lives in confinement: Ada, 49, lecturer, Martin, pipefitter, Mark and Gemma, 10, schoolchildren, Kelvindale


“Our neighbor Angus asked everyone on the street if they would take sacks of potatoes to grow on their front steps, after the lockdown prevented him from completing his project, as planned, d ” lay out a derelict land that surrounds the SWG 3 space events, filling it with colorful bags and growing potatoes, to show that even in a bit of rough terrain, you can still grow food that can be eaten and with the intention of having a huge chip shop in SWG3’s backyard in the summer, making heaps of great crisps to feed people for free with.

“We were really happy to do it, most of the houses on the street did the same and it was a great way to bring the community together to do something that was brilliant, especially during the lockdown.

“It was easy to grow the potatoes, they kind of sprout on their own, you have to add more soil, and Angus organized it all. We took wheelbarrows along the street to pick them up, from the two tons of earth delivered on the sidewalk in front of Angus’ house.

“It was a great day for the streets, everyone got involved and put together what they needed, it was like a little festival. The kids all really enjoyed it – they were really excited and what was great about it. The topic is that the kids all came together for a brilliant day with no bouncy castle or makeup, they were helping to collect dirt from Angus’ house.

“It was also great having all the neighbors discussing how each house’s potatoes are doing, we talk to the neighbors every day now, who we had never spoken to before. Passers-by are so interested. by what we do and stop to ask, the colorful bags the potatoes grow in looks so pretty on everyone’s front porch and we have good sun and enough rain so the growing conditions are perfect for them, has continued to be a good thing for the streets.

“We haven’t grown a lot of food before – tomatoes and herbs – so it was good to try something different and we can’t wait to see what kind of crop we have in our bags and what other houses will get it and end up finding out what they taste like.

“We were really lucky in the lockdown because we have a garden and enough space for all of us and to work from home with a bit of peace and quiet, and it’s nice for the kids to play on the street , because it’s safe to do because there is less traffic, you really notice that there is less pollution and you hear the birdsong and you really enjoy it.

“After the lockdown the kids can’t wait to see their friends, they really miss them, and we can’t wait to get out of Glasgow when we’re allowed to do it again, not that we don’t like it here, but this it will be nice to get out of the city and get away from it all.

“And of course it will be really cool to get together at SWG3 the day we make crisps for anyone who wants them, I hope we have enough!

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The project is presented by SWG3 and Aproxima Arts and has been generously funded by the Mushroom Trust, the Stafford Trust, the Hugh Fraser Foundation and the William Grant Foundation. It is also supported by a grant from the Art Roots Fund of Sustrans Scotland and its funder Transport Scotland.

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